Biblical Church vs. American Church

The biblical church is the community, the body of believers living out and meeting everyday throughout the week together, breaking bread together, serving and DOING together. American church is going to a building once a week to listen and do nothing.

James says that those who don’t do what they hear just deceive themselves. Are you truly a follower of Christ or do you just intellectually agree with Christ? He says all or nothing, don’t even bother following if you ain’t gonna go all in (which Jesus says in the Gospel books, go study it yourself)!

Christian, if you are falling into the same sin constantly, it’s either time for you to MAKE WAR on your SIN and TAKE UP YOUR OWN CROSS or don’t follow Jesus if you ain’t gonna repent. Words of Jesus, so if u wanna criticize, take up your complaints to Jesus in the Word, not me, I’m just the messenger.