Dealing w/ Loneliness

This topic came about as I was chatting w/ my pastor, Francis Chan, after he taught in my class at his college. I’ve learned that relationships and friendships with my close friends usually develop mostly in times of conflict in either their lives or my life. This has led me to understand that when things are all dandy with everyone, the relationships become more superficial and the deep intimacy that is shared between good friends becomes scarce. In the same way, I feel that to be true so often with Jesus, but of course, being surrounded with Bible college and great loves of God, it’s always at a pretty good level of awe before the Lord.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m totally fine with being lonely in the sense of not having a wife and all that good God-designed stuff, and being in the permanent confines of Jesus’ arms, I don’t find myself having to cope with loneliness as I’ve grown out of dependency in finding value from people. Yea, it’d still be nice to have a wife 😀 but until then, I’ve learned not to let loneliness bother me more than an itch because the joys and peace that proceed out of the truth of God makes miniscule the worries of the world.

I’m not saying I don’t go through hard times in this category of feelings, and it’s always going to be hard, but too much of that is about me and my feelings; too centered on me. Sometimes it’s just nice to be going through hard times because the deepening of the relationships with fellow brothers and sisters [:

I’d rather suffer and experience intimacy with Jesus than to be content with life and be stagnant in my relationship with Him. His steadfast love endures forever! (Psalms 118)