Haiti: Disaster Relief Missions – Everest Liu

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Dear precious friends and family,

I’ll be heading over to Haiti to aid in the disaster relief the first week of March and so I ask that each of you would consider partnering with me! With much love and compassion ~ everest

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Rediscovering my identity in Christ

Theology 3 has broken my 4.0 gpa… the nature of grades based on group projects and group finals… that’s breaking out of my chinese culture of perfect academics and my american culture of invidivualism. My only identity left now is in Christ and being part of the body instead of a lone ranger. Praise the Lord, as hard as it is to not have the perfect grades because that’s how I was raised. (engineering identity also falls under chinese identity)

Even in my second statement, the individualistic nature rings out. The inference there is that it’s not my fault that the group only got a B+, and as true as that may be, I have failed to see that grade as a collective effort, but rather focusing on who I know that did not put in the required effort. This is quite the antithesis of being the body. Being disciplined in grace and lovingly display grace to those who don’t pull their weight when it affects my academics is something I’m learning. It teaches me vastly more about God’s grace to my utter sinful life and how I’ve been redeemed, how He has infinite grace even after I haven’t pulled my weight. Yes, there are theological lessons even in my grades and group projects (which I have been conditioned to hate). God is gracious, and we are like our Heavenly Father, so let us be disciplined in grace, because we are like our Father!