Tangible Blessing from Personal Sacrifice

Small Scale: I work out with Jacob Lewis and Matt Daniels and it’s a bit of a drive for me but today I was glad because I was going to go to the Public Health Department to see if I could get vaccinations there, which is in the neighborhood of where they live. After working out, it turns out that Brad needed a ride to school so I decided to give him a ride and hope for vaccinations later this week. On the way home, I stopped by Fresh & Easy to pick up some broccoli and ground beef, $5.07 total. After checking out, one of the employees gave me a survey and $5 cash for doing it, thus paying for my groceries [: That was a nice tangible blessing.

Big Scale: This part I still need faith, but because I’m going on missions to Haiti for disaster relief, I have to sacrifice 8 hours of work that I was just offered, which is huge for me because I’m not making ends-meet and eating tons of Ramen so I can cut costs and slow the draining of my bank account. I might even give up health on top of already cutting out 9 days of study/homework time, the work hours that I really need, the Gospel conference (which I’ll need to make up with time I don’t have), et cetera. Heck, I might even die in Haiti for all I know, which I am mentally and spiritually prepared for, but all this sacrifice is scaring me into needing to have more faith in the Lord (King) Jesus Christ to intricately craft everything to work out for His glory and yet still sustain me in everything. I am so scared, but peace abides the more!

Main Point: As believers, we often define blessing as that which we will receive in heaven, but it is not so limited to that. Physical and emotional blessings do also occur, as it did for me today sacrificing a little for Brad to get a lot in return ($5 for food is a lot for me, considering I’m living off a lot less than that a day to survive). My faith needs to grow and I need to know that God has it under control. That is where the Word of Life is sweet to the taste [:

Conclusion: I have tons of tangible examples of being blessed, and have not taken it so far that blessing is riches and wealth, but rather blessed are the poor and meek (blessed can also be translated as happy). Yea… i forgot my point… I’m blessed.