Baby, you are my #2!

An amazing and true quote from John Piper in the sermon I’m watching when he preached at Mars Hill Church in Seattle (Mark Driscoll’s church):

“It would be like a husband and a wife, right? Every Christian family, every Christian couple, should look into each other’s eyes, and they should do this before they get married, and then lots of times afterwards, and say, “You are number two.” And if that is not sweet in her ears, don’t marry her. If that is not sweet in his ears, don’t marry him, because being number two with Jesus as number one will make her a way more loved number two than if she were number one. We are made to operate with Jesus as the ultimate value, not ourselves, not our spouses, not anything else.” – John Piper

Making Jesus #1 allows us to love our significant others significantly more, making them much  more significant in our lives! You can watch the sermon at