First Few Months of Progress


After college at UC Davis and into the beginnings of a career in the engineering field, I had started working out, bought a ton of protein powder, and did p90x for a month before becoming more busy and lazy at the same time. Busyness is a dangerous thing; we’re too busy in this culture. I was not fat nor did I have too much strength and muscle. After working for a year, I pursued my second degree, then a Master’s degree, and never worked out, but with the very tight budget, did not indulge in overeating either. A year into the Master’s degree, finances became too tight, working in retail at the Apple Store while schooling full-time.

After putting grad school on hold and finding a job in software engineering, I moved to a nice location with lots of amazing, non-overpriced Asian food everywhere! Working a few months led to gaining a goodyear tired around my waist because of the sudden change in salary plus the cheapness of food! Then it hit… I was starting to let myself get fat, and it was uncomfortable; even sitting down didn’t feel good with the big gut!

 Diving Back In

A coworker that started at the company during the same time I started also started feeling the affects. We became good friends, and decided we both needed to stop by Costco and buy a 24 Hour Fitness membership, since it averages out $15/month and we’re surrounded by the gyms. I started changing my eating habits, being disciplined about supplementation, and started going to the gym 2-3 times a week to lift hard and heavy. The cool thing is that 24 also has an iPhone app that allows me to track how often I go to the gym!

Looking Back

Now looking back at the last 5 months (started mid-July 2012, it is now the last day of Nov), I haven’t been able to create the crazy 12-week transformations that I’ve seen featured on, nor have I lost a ton of fat, but everyone around me has seen the slow results surface, including myself. It has become such a great feeling to put on shirts and see how tight they have become around my chest and arms. Although I am far from being toned and lean, I know I have lost fat and gained muscle in that my weight has stayed the same.

Looking Forward

I’ve read hundreds of articles on, from all the different types of workouts, to nutrition, to supplementation, and feel well-read. Knowledge is power! Work smarter, not harder! I’ve been able to teach quite a few people at work the basics of nutrition, supplementation, and workout routines. Being an engineer, I’ve caught on to a lot of the scientific articles too, whether in biochem or physiology. This new lifestyle rocks, and I hope someday I can also become a trainer, not for the money, but to help friends, family, and whoever is willing to learn.

Accountability is also necessary because I know how lazy I can get when my training partner/coworker/friend does not come with me, especially being conditioned with an American worldview. I try to be selfless, avoid the ruins that comes with many riches, and cherish all my relationships above all, but can attest to all my character flaws and what not. A man of wisdom will always listen to critique and analyze it accordingly rather than get defensive and always push back.

Final Encouragement

I’m average.

  • I’m not eating the fitness model diet, but trying to stay balanced, proportioned in food, and disciplined in macronutrient portioning.
  • I’m not making crazy transformations, but I endure and am satisfied with my slow and steady transformation. It teaches me patience and long-term discipline.

With that said, don’t be discouraged by the amount of time it takes to transform; work hard and heavy, eat right and supplement well, and sleep 8-9 hours a night. We need to always encourage each other!

No Excuse Not to Vote

“No Excuse Not to Vote. In the blog post, I addressed two groups of people. My strongest words were reserved to Christians who do not vote for any presidential candidate. I believe that to fail to vote is to remain silent when God has given us a political voice to speak against abortion and immorality. Regardless of whom you mark on the ballot, the Christian should vote.

The lives of millions of children are at stake, and God calls us to stand for the orphan in the political and judicial system (Isa. 1:17).What Dietrich Bonheoffer wrote concerning the Nazi holocaust is equally true of today’s abortion holocaust: ‘Silence in the face of evil is itself evil; God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.'”

-Joel Beeke