Reading Highlights: 2/13/2014 – 2/25/2014

Bodybuilding Quote: “Though [Arnold] was a big believer in compliments to motivate, his contrarian approach also allowed free use of negative feedback. You’d never cut corners with Arnold or, God forbid, not finish. “If he did his 15 reps and you didn’t do your 15 reps,” recalls Danny Padilla, “it was like, ‘Vat’s wrong, I got to do your reps now?’ What’s up with that? If you can’t hang, go back to something else!'” – Arnold Schwarzenegger



  • Michael Brown, Authentic Fire, & John 14:12 – A good rebuttal from a TMS professor to Michael Brown’s response to MacArthur’s Strange Fire book.
  • Writing Checks to Mel Gibson – Challies tries to make sure the approach to the upcoming film, Son of God, is balanced. “Remember that God promises to bless the preaching of his Word, not the display of that Word on the silver screen. Don’t expect a movie to do the Word’s work.”
  • Does God Exist? 4 Arguments – Youtube clip of the late Frank Pastore. I watched this when it first came out more than a year ago, and he by no means fleshes out the arguments, but they are sound.



Reflections at 29 Years Old

I enjoyed today, as busy at it felt. Got a deep cleaning from Dr. Moniaga (she did an amazing job, had to go deep, but still didn’t hurt even after the numbing dissipated a few hours later), went to Costco and got 6.5lbs of boneless skinless chicken thighs, cleaned out a lot of my car, cooked a whole tray of chicken thighs, had chest and tri day with Eric, dinner with both uncles and aunts on mom’s side, got gas at Costco on the way home, then quality time with my significant other. For my birthday, I got myself a WaterPik Water Flosser ($20 off at Costco), since Dr. Moniaga said I needed to floss deeper, haha!

Well, what’s new at 29? My life took a turn right before Christmas. Liferay let me go, gave me 2 weeks severance, and so I spend a lot of my time studying new coding platforms to make myself marketable to software companies. So far I’ve learned Lau/CoronaSDK and some Ruby on Rails.

At this point, I’ve learned more about grace than anything else. God has been gracious and we realize it more and more as we are broken by life events and the Holy Scriptures. It’s very unique to become unemployed and still be able to live decently, and in the context of the rest of the world, rather rich, given the fact that I have a bed, a car, and good food, while in Scripture, we are only promised food and clothing.

With the other parts of my free time, I’ve been hitting up the gym quite often, trying to put on a lot of lean mass. I’m aiming to hit 170lbs @ 10%bf, and I imaging that may take quite awhile to reach. I’ve also been reading a bit more and listening to sermons often, all while looking for work.

The one piece of advice I would present is to not ever let your reading and praying life waver. It’s very blinding and feeding yourself with junk food instead of spiritual truth will make you still feel alright even if you aren’t. It’s like having cancer but thinking you are in pristine shape. If you read 10 chapters of Scripture each day, very soon after, you can find yourself 400 chapters behind (which has happened to me), so make it a morning priority. In terms of prayer, I’ve also started using Evernote and created a journal called “Prayer Journal”. Each entry is just formatted “Prayer Journal: Feb 4, 2014”, and I literally write out my prayers, but to make it easy to read, before each topic I pray about, I write the topic, followed by a colon, then start praying, like the following:

“Bob: I ask for Bob’s heart to continually be softened, as he used to be so passionate for you, but with the busyness of business, he has not prioritized his praying and reading, thus changing his demeanor. He used to mentor so well, but the worries of the world have taken him away from you, the King of Kings…”

and so forth. As for reading, I am trying to continue Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan. It’s 10 chapters a day and quite enriching. Here’s a good article about his system. Prof. Horner, a Master’s College professor, has been doing it for 20 years or so and knows his bible extremely well. He was even hired because Dr. MacArthur saw how used his Bible was!

“How you regard Scripture is how you regard the Lord Jesus Christ” – Tim Keller (since John 1 attests to Jesus being the full essence and content of the Word in flesh)

“The less you’re in the Truth, the more prone you will be to believe lies, taking them as truth” – Lecrae

Be blessed by being a blessing unto our God, Yahweh!

Reading Highlights: 1/30/2014 – 2/7/2014

“The soul of a human being is meant to be infused with the very character of God, the moral grandeur of glory of which is outlined in the Ten Commandments. They talk about integrity and nobility and courage and love and truth and peace.” – Dr. Timothy Keller

“Sin is what you do when your heart is not satisfied with God.” —John Piper

I loved this quote from John Piper and the graphic from Challies! How often we are not satisfied…