Reading Highlights: 11/01/2013 – 11/12/2013

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“I find in Scripture that most of the great appearances that were made to eminent
saints were made when they were busy.” – C. H. Spurgeon

I’ve been MIA for a little because of an iPhone app I’ve been developing! It will hopefully be released soon. Anyways, here are some good reads!



  • A Pentecostal in (General) Support of the Strange Fire Conference – “The most hurtful thing about that conference is not the broad generalizations, sweeping condemnations, or lack of distinctions. For me as a Pentecostal the most hurtful thing about the Strange Fire Conference is my knowledge that far too many of the criticisms are true.” A great article I appreciated / via Dr. MacArthur
  • FREE KINDLE BOOK: The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon (Long Line of Godly Men Profiles) [Kindle Edition] Steven J. Lawson – Free, on Spurgeon, by Steve Lawson. ’nuff said.
  • One Vital Lesson From Doug Phillips’ Resignation – “Here’s a Christian man who built a much-loved ministry out of promoting Christian marriage, Christian leadership, Christian family, etc… And this morning so much of what he built now lies in ruins, with many Christians he helped (and I include myself and my family in this) demoralized and depressed at the fall of a man in the one area that he went to war with our culture on.” This is a very vital warning to all those in ministry and very convicting to stay humble! / via Challies
  • Why I Married A White Girl – I love Trip Lee’s music and I’ve read is book. Man of God! And I love this quote: “My main preference was that my wife be godly, and Jessica was. So I wifed her.” Haha, I hope to wife my significant other soon! I have the same preference: a godly woman. Mine happens to be Chinese like me, but that’s not the reason why she caught my eye. It was her Christ-likeness! / also via Challies.
  • Strange Fire Review by Dr. Tom Schreiner – I haven’t received my copy of the book yet, but from the conference, I’d probably agree with Dr. Schreiner. I also very much respect him as one of the top NT theologians of our age and I love the short amount of time I’ve spent with the man. One of the most humble teachers and scholars I know!
  • 5 Differences Between Catholic Theology And The Gospel – Pretty important differences. / via Challies (you can see I had a Challies splurge today to catch up)


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