Reading Highlights: 2/13/2014 – 2/25/2014

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Bodybuilding Quote: “Though [Arnold] was a big believer in compliments to motivate, his contrarian approach also allowed free use of negative feedback. You’d never cut corners with Arnold or, God forbid, not finish. “If he did his 15 reps and you didn’t do your 15 reps,” recalls Danny Padilla, “it was like, ‘Vat’s wrong, I got to do your reps now?’ What’s up with that? If you can’t hang, go back to something else!'” – Arnold Schwarzenegger



  • Michael Brown, Authentic Fire, & John 14:12 – A good rebuttal from a TMS professor to Michael Brown’s response to MacArthur’s Strange Fire book.
  • Writing Checks to Mel Gibson – Challies tries to make sure the approach to the upcoming film, Son of God, is balanced. “Remember that God promises to bless the preaching of his Word, not the display of that Word on the silver screen. Don’t expect a movie to do the Word’s work.”
  • Does God Exist? 4 Arguments – Youtube clip of the late Frank Pastore. I watched this when it first came out more than a year ago, and he by no means fleshes out the arguments, but they are sound.



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