Reading Highlights: 4/23/2014 – 5/15/2014

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Ephesians 5:16, Paul puts it this way: “making the most of your time.”  Making the most of your time because the days are, well, what are you doing with your life?  What are you doing with your time?  Frittering it away with a bunch of nonsense that doesn’t matter.  I love that we’re in the “we” here.  That elevates the whole idea, doesn’t it?  As long as it is day, listen Christian, clean up your life, get moving, get the sin out, the worldliness out, the trivial stuff out, the compromise.  Stop wasting time.  Stop flirting with the world.  Stop doing those things that have no value at all in the future, and get at it, hand-in-hand with the Lord, hand-in-hand with the Father.  What an incredible thing to work with the One who is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all we can ask or think.  Get to work.” – Dr. John MacArthur from this sermon

I apologize for having been off the grid for awhile; been busy at my new job as an iOS App Developer!



  • The False Teachers: Benny Hinn – A good article from Challies, although I wish he would elaborate more. There are a lot of documentaries showing Benny Hinn to be a fraud through investigation, of which I’ve only seen one. Hinn is a huge hindrance to the true Gospel of the Bible.
  • Liberating Our Teens from Sexual Lies – I feel like adults in our culture also need to learn these things. “Our culture believes that sex is all about me. My desires. My satisfaction. It’s about using others, not serving them. But the Bible tells us that sex is all about God and his glorious work in bringing us into relationship with him.” (via Challies)
  • Equip Your Kids To “Say No” To Porn – And another via Challies. This was a really good article on tackling the training of your kids to respond rightly towards sexual topics.


  • 6 Week Challenge – So I injured my shoulder around week 8 of the 100k BodySpace challenge, so I’ll try out this challenge to get back into a workout routine. Work has made me stop working out -_- gotta get over my post-work laziness!
  • The Handful Diet – Macronutrient portioning made easy.
  • 10 Tips For Faster Fatloss – Most of these are good for short term but not as much for long term, as your eating habits highly affect your hormones and metabolism.


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